In celebration of its 100 year anniversary, Zonta launched a 4th scholarship: The Women in Technology Scholarship. We as Zonta Eindhoven are very pleased with this scholarship, as it is a perfect match with our Brainport Region.

Zonta Club Eindhoven will award € 2,000 to a talented student from the Eindhoven region. On top of the Zonta Eindhoven scholarship, the general Zonta scholarship allows 20 women to earn a $8,000 scholarship to be invested in IT education.

Why a Technology Scholarship?
The world economy, industry and sciences are becoming increasingly digitized, and these developments are disrupting society and familiar social processes. Women, however, are still largely underrepresented in information technology and other STEM fields. To create a world in which men and women have equal opportunities, women need to have an active role in technology and technological developments. Zonta International is pleased to offer its new Zonta International Women in Technology Scholarship to encourage women to pursue education, career opportunities and leadership roles in technology.

Women pursuing an information technology (IT) degree or closely related program, who demonstrate outstanding potential in the field, are eligible to apply.
Women not enrolled in a university are also eligible as long as they submit:
  • Evidence of completed trainings and outstanding performance.
  • Description of current job with information about path that led to that job.
  • Employer confirmation and recommendation or client testimonial supported by evidence.
  • Reason for applying and description of desired career.
  • Evidence of educational project plan (e.g. proof of course opportunities).
Student applicants must be enrolled full-time at the time the application is submitted to the local Zonta club, and must not graduate before December 2021 to be considered for the Women in Technology Scholarship.

Scholarship Amount

Zonta Club Eindhoven will award € 2,000 to a talented student from the Eindhoven region.

The Zonta International Foundation will also award  20 scholarships of US$8,000 each.

How to apply

You must apply for the 2 scholarships separately. For the Zonta Eindhoven scholarship (2000 euro) through mail and for the Zonta international via the portal. You can apply to both of them. For the local Eindhoven scholarship send all required information before 15 June 2021by email to [email protected]

The application needs to be in English. Please note that only typed applications will be accepted and considered. All non-English documents must be translated into English. The following documents are to be submitted in the application package, along with the application form.

  1. Verification of current enrollment by school/institute official (if applicable)
  2. Two confidential recommendations from a faculty member in the major field of study, academic advisor, organization supervisors or volunteer supervisors. (Classified members and employees of Zonta International and Zonta International Foundation are not eligible to write recommendation letters for applicants.) or
  3. Employer confirmation and recommendation or client testimonial supported by evidence (if applicable).
  4. An essay of 500 words or less that clearly describes your academic and/or professional goals, the relevance of the program and how the Women in Technology Scholarship will assist you in reaching your goals. (Essays exceeding 500 words will not be considered.)
  5. If applicable, list and include official detailed transcripts of grades or equivalent records for all universities, colleges or institutes attended with an explanation of the grading system for each transcript submitted.
  6. All non-English documents must be translated into English.
  7. Articles, pamphlets, books, curriculum vitae or other publications are not requested and will not be considered.
  8. Applications that are incomplete or late due to postal delays, transmittal by third parties, or other circumstances will not be considered. Applications are accepted by email or regular mail; however, email submissions are preferred. Applications submitted by email must be signed and sent as a PDF.

Procedure – next steps

  • Applications must be handed in by email at the latest 15 June 2021 via [email protected]
  • A professional jury will evaluate all applications. Interviews might be part of the evaluation process.
  • The winner, as well as candidates that were not selected, will be informed about the results.
  • The winner can make a presentation to the Zonta Club Eindhoven, and Zonta Club Eindhoven will put forward a commercial / business mentor for the winner.
  • Zonta Club Eindhoven will choose 1 winner.
  • The candidates can also apply for the international scholarship. Deadline for this scholarship is 15 October 2021. You can click here to apply http://www.zonta.org/Web/Programs/Education/Women_in_Technology_Scholarship
  • The Eindhoven Club Scholarship will be awarded  September 2021.